Beatrice the Bulldog Medical Fund

Beatrice the Bulldog Medical Fund

About This Campaign

With most rescued animals, their background is a complete mystery. But for Beatrice the bulldog, her past is written all over her body...and the story it tells is one of neglect. With veterinary cost estimates running upwards of $10,000 for just the urgent work, Valley Humane Society is asking for the community’s assistance in helping the two-year-old English bulldog.

The list is long. In addition to toenails so long they wrap around her feet, Beatrice has terrible gingivitis, difficulty breathing, and a cherry eye which has turned black. Her ingrown eyelashes are a constant source of irritation, and she has never been spayed. Worst of all, however, are her ears. What likely began as a simple ear infection has turned into a massive inflammation that will require the removal of both ear canals, leaving Beatrice completely deaf.

Even $5 or $10 contributions will help restore Beatrice to health. If enough money is raised, Valley Humane Society plans to perform the non-critical work as well. Funds not needed for Beatrice will be similarly used for other rescued animals. Beatrice will be available for adoption in two to three months when her medical treatments are complete.

Donate online now to help Beatrice live a healthy, happy life! Donations may also be made by phone at (925) 426-8656, or sent by mail, care of: Beatrice/Medical Fund, Valley Humane Society, 3670 Nevada Street, Pleasanton, CA 94566.

Valley Humane Society is a private, non-profit animal welfare organization that receives no government funds, tax dollars, or money from national humane organizations. Donations are tax-deductible to the extent provided by law; please check with your accountant or tax advisor for more information. Valley Humane Society’s federal tax identification number is #94-3038202.
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  1. Doreen Myers
    Doreen Myers gave a $26.53 donation
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  3. Linda Rao
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  4. Teresa Meyer
    Teresa Meyer gave a $16.04 donation
    Dedication In Memory of: Rookie, Crystal and Brody Meyer
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    LINDA NEWTON gave a $26.53 donation
    Beatrice the Bulldog Medical Fund We love bulldogs! Heal well Beatrice!
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  9. barbara torrison
    barbara torrison gave a $10 donation
    Wishing restored health to Beatrice:-)!!!
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  12. Celest Pearsall
    Celest Pearsall gave a $524.95 donation
    Dedication In Honor of: Kela
    From Kela, a girl in need to Beatrice, another girl in need.
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  13. Cheryl Ewy
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  14. Mike Harris
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  15. JeriAnn May
    JeriAnn May gave a $10.90 donation
    For dear sweet Beatrice. May you heal and find your new forever home where people will love on you like I am sure you will love on them. No animal deserves what you have been through...
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  16. Michael Willits
    Michael Willits gave a $105.23 donation
    Good luck Beatrice!
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  17. Steven Lance
    Steven Lance gave a $105.23 donation
    We can also adopt Beatrice
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    Good luck, Beatrice!
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  20. Kathleen Maldonado
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    Beatrice I hope she gets well soon
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  21. Silvia Aldana
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    Dedication In Memory of: Prince
    Get well soon Bea!
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    Beatrice/Medical Fund
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  26. Amy DeWitt
    Amy DeWitt gave a $105.23 donation
    Dedication In Honor of: Sandra Doditch
    From my sweet, former feral cat Roo, who was a recipient of other wonderful donations.
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    For Beatrice. Hope your feeling better soon!
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    Donation for Beatrice
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