Sponsor a Homeless Animal 2017

Sponsor a Homeless Animal 2017

About This Campaign

For homeless animals, life can be scary and unpredictable. Fortunately, Valley Humane Society (VHS) offers a safe haven, nourishing food, and medical care for homeless animals. But what these animals really need is a loving home they can call their own.

Yet not every dog and cat gets adopted so quickly. Rest assured we will care for them until they do, with help from friends like you to provide the care they need. Please donate today to support their care and help us find loving homes for each and every one.

Donations may also be made to Valley Humane Society in person or by mail to 3670 Nevada St, Pleasanton, CA 94566 or charged over the telephone by calling (925) 426-8656.

Valley Humane Society is a private, non-profit animal welfare organization that receives no government funds, tax dollars, or money from national humane organizations. Donations are tax-deductible to the extent provided by law; please check with your accountant or tax advisor for more information. Valley Humane Society’s federal tax identification number is #94-3038202.
Valley Humane Society

Campaign to Support Valley Humane Society

Valley Humane Society is a private, nonprofit animal rescue and adoption center working to rescue and adopt homeless dogs and cats. We also provide community resources, children's humane education, and therapeutic pet visitations. We have been working in the community since 1987 and have a strong volunteer network to assist in providing our lifesaving programs and life-enriching services. Valley Humane Society is not a branch of any state or national humane society, and does receive funding from such groups, nor from taxes, state or federal sources, or the United Way.


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  1. An anonymous donation of $318.51 has been made
    Love your work - As a dog lover I would love to see this put to use feeding /medical treatment for dogs
    about 1 year ago · Like
  2. An anonymous donation of $75 has been made
    Money raised by Jaeden for Mrs Lack's fifth grade special project. :)
    about 1 year ago · Like
  3. Erin Warr
    Erin Warr gave a $200 donation
    Dedication In Memory of: Charlene Warr
    In Memory of Charlene Warr; much loved mother of Erin, who loved and cared for animals - wild and domestic - all her life.
    about 1 year ago · Like