NorCal MINIs Run to Mt. Hamilton

NorCal MINIs Run to Mt. Hamilton

About This Campaign

This is NorCal MINIs' annual run to remember loved ones who have passed. The NorCal MINIs club will gather together for a drive up Mt. Hamilton to Lick Observatory.

Members will receive a special drawing ticket for every $5 donated.
Valley Humane Society

Campaign to Support Valley Humane Society

Valley Humane Society is a private, nonprofit animal rescue and adoption center working to rescue and adopt homeless dogs and cats. We also provide community resources, children's humane education, and therapeutic pet visitations. We have been working in the community since 1987 and have a strong volunteer network to assist in providing our lifesaving programs and life-enriching services. Valley Humane Society is not a branch of any state or national humane society, and does receive funding from such groups, nor from taxes, state or federal sources, or the United Way.

  1. Julia Snyder
    Julia Snyder gave a $25 donation
    Dedication In Memory of: so many beautiful pets who have graced our lives
    27 days ago · Like
    GARY CHIN gave a $10 donation
    28 days ago · Like
  3. Kim Rennak
    Kim Rennak gave a $25 donation
    30 days ago · Like
  4. Michael Toibin
    Michael Toibin gave a $250 donation
    Dedication In Memory of: Alex, Leo & Beamer
    about 1 month ago · Like
  5. NorCal Minis
    NorCal Minis gave a $25 donation
    about 2 months ago · Like
  6. Cathy Esterman
    Cathy Esterman gave a $25 donation
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