Welcome to Giveffect our new volunteer system set up email

Welcome to Giveffect our new volunteer system set up email

About This Campaign

Hello Customer Service Representatives, this email will set you up with our new volunteer system Giveffect, replacing Volgistics.

This is a work in progress and you are the first to get started.

1. Please click the Volunteer button

2. check the box that has the "Fake shift" 7:55 to 7:55

Follow instructions through the end.

Please sign up for this FAKE shift, that will allow you to get your password.

We have you set up in the new system, however all of your information may not have transferred over. Please enter your emergency contact if it is not in the system, please up date it if it is in the system. Is all of your information correct?

You will be creating your password, this will allow you to access your account, see your schedule and pick up shifts.

Please note we had lots of schedule changes in February, I hope it looks correct you can let me know if not.

We can only have two volunteers on each shift at the front desk. Several people work every other week, going forward it would be a great help if you need to change your schedule if you can trade shifts with your co-worker and let me know, so I can make the changes.

Please don't forget your new id.

Starting in February we will have you sign in on the Giveffect tab at the front desk.
Valley Humane Society

Campaign to Support Valley Humane Society

Valley Humane Society is a private, nonprofit animal rescue and adoption center working to rescue and adopt homeless dogs and cats. We also provide community resources, children's humane education, and therapeutic pet visitations. We have been working in the community since 1987 and have a strong volunteer network to assist in providing our lifesaving programs and life-enriching services. Valley Humane Society is not a branch of any state or national humane society, and does receive funding from such groups, nor from taxes, state or federal sources, or the United Way.